Reading For Pleasure Course In Person 2024/25

Transforming School Reading Cultures

The Transforming School Reading Cultures programme consists of 5 research-based professional development sessions aimed at primary English/Reading Leads. The sessions will take you through pedagogical theory and best practise surrounding reading for pleasure. They will provide opportunities to gain knowledge of the subject alongside the confidence to manage, drive and sustain meaningful change in your own school.

The five sessions are free of charge, but to be eligible, schools need to have robust phonics approach embedded (with strong screener outcomes) and must commit to attending all of the sessions.

Programme Aims:

  • Understand the research underpinning RfP practice and pedagogy
  • Widen knowledge of children’s literature
  • Transform whole school reading culture in your school
  • Develop the leadership skills to initiate and sustain change
  • Become advocates for RfP and share experiences and best practice






09:30 - 12:00

A Whole School Culture

Reading for Pleasure - Session 1

1. Explore the research around Reading for Pleasure: the benefits and what works

2. Analyse current RfP provision in own schools

3. Begin work on RfP Strategic Development plan

4. Develop knowledge of children’s literature

Blandford Children’s Centre


09:30 - 12:00

Creating whole school change

Reading for Pleasure - Session 2

1. Review participant RfP Strategic Development plans

2. Explore research on change theory and reflect on individual school contexts and consider implementation of Strategic Development plan in light of this.

3. Explore the research on teacher knowledge of children’s reading practices and consider strategies to develop this.

4. Consider how to document the impact of RfP work.

Blandford Children’s Centre


09:30 - 12:00

Creating a reading school: structural changes

Reading for Pleasure - Session 3

1. Consider the whole school changes required to create an RfP culture

2. Explore the research on the impact of ‘texts that tempt’

3. Consider the place of decodable readers and ‘book bands’ in wider book stock

4. RfP pedagogy in focus:

a. Reading aloud

       b. Reading time

Blandford Children’s Centre


09:30 - 12:00

Creating a reading school: behavioural changes

Reading for Pleasure - Session 4 

1. Review the Strategic Development plans - reflect on successes and identify next steps

2. Further exploration of change theory

3. RfP pedagogy in focus:

a. Social reading environments

b. Informal book talk

Blandford Children’s Centre


09:30 - 12:00

Celebrating impact and sustaining change

Reading for Pleasure - Session 5

1. Celebration - an opportunity to celebrate the impact of participants’ work and share success

2. Reading communities - explore research on reading communities and consider ways to support reading at home

3. Evaluate Strategic Development plans and consider next steps

4. Engage with research on sustaining change

Blandford Children’s Centre


Please contact Michael Kimber ( for more information.


15 Oct,2024 -  24 Jun,2025
09:30:00 -  12:00:00

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