• Enhanced Phonics Provision

    Our goal is to give children the best possible start in learning to read, by supporting schools in ensuring that phonics teaching is systematic and consistent.
  • Excellence in Early Language Development

    We seek to provide support on 'closing the word gap' between pupils and encouraging vocabulary-rich classroom practice.
  • Encouraging a Love of Reading

    We recognise the importance of pupils becoming life-long readers, who read because they want to, and seek to support schools in fostering this environment.
  • Come and See

    Can we help? We would love for you to attend one of our showcase events to find out more about the funding and support offered by the hub.


Welcome to The Cornerstone English Hub

A centre of excellence for literacy teaching initiative

The Cornerstone English Hub is one of only 34 schools across England appointed by the Department of Education to take a leading role in supporting schools that struggle to teach children to read by improving the teaching of early language and reading. We cover a key area in the southwest and provide training and development to schools within our region through a collaborative approach to achieve better results for children.
About the Hub
Meet the Team
Discovering the benefits of a language rich education
Showcase Events
Come and see the teaching of phonics, early language and reading in EYFS and Key Stage 1.
Networking Events
Coming together to share best practice and practical advice around phonics and early reading