A phonics audit examines the consistency and continuity of the phonics teaching and resourcing across a school. This is a key step in becoming an intensive support school for the 2020-21 academic year, but is also useful to colleagues in schools who are looking to identify ways in which they can hone their provision.

Feedback on this process has been positive, as schools have found this useful for their development and implementation plans, and to support discussions with Ofsted.

An audit involves:

  • A discussion with the headteacher/head of school as well as the phonics lead.

  • Supportive observations of phonics provision in Reception and Key Stage 1.

  • An audit of current resourcing.

  • A feedback session discussing next steps for the school and any additional support that the hub can provide.

  • Support in the creation of an action plan to develop the school's provision.

In order to facilitate the day, we are able to pay supply costs of up to £300, in order to release the necessary staff.