Supporting Early Language Development


Supporting Early Language Development is a CPD programme developed by a group of English Hubs with support from Speech and Language UK.

The programme has been developed as part of a project to create a more consistent medium level support (MLS) offer across the English Hub network which will streamline workload for hubs and create more equal access to CPD on early language nationally for schools accessing support from hubs. The term ‘early language’ can be used to cover a number of different ages and stages from birth onwards.

The programme will be exclusively available via English Hubs. The five sessions are free of charge, but to be eligible, schools need to have a YR/KS1 provision and must commit to attending all of the sessions.

Programme Aims:
  • An understanding of a working model of language through which to observe children’s language development through the primary years, and beyond.

  • An understanding of the stages of ‘typical’ language development concentrating on the expected milestones that occur during primary years (ages 4 to 11)

  • Practical classroom skills and techniques for quality first teaching in YR and KS1 that will create skilled and confident classroom practitioners and improve outcomes for all children.

  • Practical ways and tools to identify children who may not be developing language skills as expected. Ways to support those children in class, and in cases where more targeted intervention is required ensure children are formally assessed and receive appropriate help as quickly as possible. (n.b. it is important to note that this programme is designed to give classroom practitioners an informed awareness of the possibility of speech and language difficulties. Any diagnoses should only be attempted by trained medical and/or speech and language professionals)


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