Previous Network Events

Catch-up on valuable CPD events from the past year.

'Making the Most of Nursery'

Run on the 14th July 2021

How can schools collaborate with their feeder nurseries to best effect? How can schools with integrated nurseries use them to support the teaching of early reading? This session will give some practical thoughts on both of these questions.


'Making Accurate Assessments'

Run on the 10th May 2021

Any effective early reading strategy is underpinned by regular accurate assessment. This session, led by Tonia, Hannah and Sarah, looks at the way in which a school should approach cycles of assessment, as well as what they should assess.


'Making Great Readers into Great Writers'

Run on the 17th March 2021

Few children write at a better standard than they read, however it is not a given that children who are great readers will become great writers. This session explores practical ideas for how we can immerse pupils in texts that intentionally shape writing for the better.


'Just right! Helping children to choose the perfect word for the moment'

Run on the 8th February 2021

Typically, while schools find it easier to teach basic and technical vocabulary, teaching high frequency words that occur across domains of language can be a trickier task. This session gives practical ideas for how to bridge the gap.


'Mobilising the Lowest 20%'

Run on the 5th November 2020

Identifying children falling behind and ensuring catch up and coaching is a high priority within any phonics programme. This session will tackle how to ensure quality first teaching, as well as how to follow up on those who do not make progress, with the intention of mobilising learners in the bottom 20% to achieve.


'Rebooting Reluctant Readers'

Run on the 11th September 2020

Many children in our schools are returning from an extended period away from school and from books to read. For some, this will have broken good habits in reading, or reinforced a lack of engagement with texts. This session will be a practical online workshop, full of practical ideas for reengaging our reluctant readers.