Virtual English Conference 2024

Read to Succeed

Deeper Discovery of the Curriculum through the power of reading

Join us for an opportunity to be inspired, reflect on the subject of reading and the benefits of reading across the curriculum.

At every level of the curriculum, the importance of being a fluent reader cannot be understated. Not only does reading unlock access to the breadth of the curriculum in every phase of education, but students begin to plumb the depths of what each subject has to offer if they can read about its intricacies.

Our annual conference will be exploring the power of reading in supporting children to dig deeper into subjects, and how as educators we can foster positive and aspirational reading cultures as children take each step along their individual journeys. With more confidence in reading, we will delve into how lessons can become more knowledge rich and engaging for each child we work with.

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27 Feb,2024
09:30:00 -  16:00:00
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